Table d'hôte

Includes salad or asparagus in a cream sauce, proscuitto chips, Grana Padano and marinated mushrooms
Soup of the day

Grilled salmon, garlic cream, fresh tomatoes, capres $31
Mediterranean chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta, tomatoes and capres $28
Osso-bucco Sicilian style $30
Pasta of the day $28

Starters & Soups

Smoked Coho salmon $10
Escargots Provençale $6
Fried calamaries '' À La Giovanni '' $7
Cheese fritter, Granny Smith apple, fennel, beets, cider reduction $6
Scallop in a crispy shell, leek and cranberry melt on an apple cider caramel $7
Coquille St-Jacques $8
Garden salad $4
Ceasar salad $6
Soup of the day $3
French onion soup $5
Seafood chowder $9

Mains courses

AAA Filet mignon and sauteed mushrooms :  
    170 g (6 on) $26
    226 g (8 on) $34
AAA Striploin steak and sauteed mushrooms :  
    226 g (8 on) $24
    283 g (10 on) $28
    Choice of preparation and sauce
    (Pepper, Mushroom, Blue cheese melt, Sizzling)
    Add delicious scallops to your plate $18
Beef tartare $25
Sweetbreads sauteed with oyster mushrooms, creamy sauce and tomatoes $19
Rack of lamb, rosemary and lemon $35
Shrimp Phad Thai $23
General Tao shrimps served on fresh romaine lettuce, pineapple and citrus supremes $20
All you can eat mussels and fries
(Cheese & asparagus & smoked salmon, Bloody Cesar , "Marinière" or Blanche de Chambly and green pepper)
Salmon with white butter and parsley $24
Crispy chicken in a parmesan crust, roasted romain heart, lemon dressing $22
Roasted halibut, lemon vinaigrette, arugula, capers and green grapes $26

Items and prices are subject to changes without notice.