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PACKAGE Downhill Skiing Package

starting from
95 $ *
  • 1 night accommodation
  • 1 breakfast buffet
  • 1 day ticket to Val-Neigette or Parc du Mont-Comi

Restaurant La Seigneurie

Business hours : Booking : 418 721-5000

Restaurant open daily from 7 am to 10 pm (seats 140).
Bar Le Bistro open daily from 3 pm.

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A bit of history

[...] In 1684, the district administrator, Intendant Champigny, who was not at all pleased with the conduct of the lords of the Lower St-Lawrence, many of whom performed no better than Augustin Rouer, made contact with the colonists on Orléans Island. For these ambitious and courageous people, the prospect of becoming a "seigneur" was most enticing. In fact, it gave them a chance to accede to the ranks of the nobility.[...]

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